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title author date
IVA - Independent Vector Analysis mgr Andrzej Bedychaj 24 November 2017
Selected Papers from "Deep Learning", Bengio;, Goodfellow, part 1.5 DL@UJ 17 November 2017
Selected Papers from "Deep Learning", Bengio, Goodfellow, part 1 DL@UJ 10 November 2017
Moment invariants for multi-component shapes with applications to leaf classification mgr Magda Wiercioch 27 October 2017
Leave-one-out SVM mgr Piotr Kowenzowki 20 October 2017
Klastrowanie z ICML17 dr. Marek Śmieja, dr. Przemysław Spurek, dr. Łukasz Struski 13 October 2017

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