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title author date
Latent Space Oddity #2 J. Tabor, I. Podolak, Ł. Struski 23 March 2018
Latent Space Oddity #1 J. Tabor, I. Podolak, Ł. Struski 16 March 2018
On top eigendirections of word embeddings mgr Jakub Chłędowski 09 March 2018
Generowanie rymowanych wierszy w języku polskim za pomocą HMM i LSTMów lic. Tomasz Danel, lic. Julia Łucka 02 March 2018
Density estimation - A case study mgr Magda Wiercioch 02 February 2018
Subspace clustering; Neural networks with incomplete data dr M. Śmieja, dr Ł. Struski, dr P. Spurek 26 January 2018
Identifying and attacking the saddle point problem mgr Agnieszka Pocha 19 January 2018
Pixel Recurrent Neural Networks mgr Krzysztof Hajto 12 January 2018
Semantic Image Inpainting With Deep Generative Models mgr Piotr Kowenzowski 05 January 2018
Distance Covariance Coefficient mgr Łukasz Maziarka 15 December 2017
Limitations and Problems of Deep Learning mgr Stanisław Jastrzębski 08 December 2017
Intro to Variational AutoEncoders mgr Damian Leśniak & mgr Igor Sieradzki 01 December 2017
IVA - Independent Vector Analysis mgr Andrzej Bedychaj 24 November 2017
Selected Papers from "Deep Learning", Bengio;, Goodfellow, part 1.5 DL@UJ 17 November 2017
Selected Papers from "Deep Learning", Bengio, Goodfellow, part 1 DL@UJ 10 November 2017
Moment invariants for multi-component shapes with applications to leaf classification mgr Magda Wiercioch 27 October 2017
Leave-one-out SVM mgr Piotr Kowenzowki 20 October 2017
Klastrowanie z ICML17 dr. Marek Śmieja, dr. Przemysław Spurek, dr. Łukasz Struski 13 October 2017

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