Group of Machine Learning Research

GMUM (Group of Machine Learning Research) is a group at Jagiellonian University working on various aspects of machine learning, and in particular deep learning - in both fundamental and applied setting. The group is led by prof. Jacek Tabor.
Some of the research directions our group pursues include:

Recent achievements

START 2021 (scholarship)

Stanisław Jastrzębski

ProtoPShare: Prototypical Parts Sharing for Similarity Discovery in Interpretable Image Classification (paper)

Dawid Rymarczyk, Łukasz Struski, Jacek Tabor, Bartosz Zieliński

Robust Learning-Augmented Caching: An Experimental Study (paper)

Jakub Chłędowski, Adam Polak, Bartosz Szabucki, Konrad Żołna
ICML 2021

Catastrophic Fisher Explosion: Early Phase Fisher Matrix Impacts Generalization (paper)

Stanisław Jastrzębski, Devansh Arpit, Oliver Astrand, Giancarlo Kerg, Huan Wang, Caiming Xiong, Richard Socher, Kyunghyun Cho*, Krzysztof Geras*
ICML 2021

Explaining Self-Supervised Image Representations with Visual Probing (paper)

Dominika Basaj, Witold Oleszkiewicz, Igor Sieradzki, Michał Górszczak, Barbara Rychalska, Tomasz Trzciński, Bartosz Zieliński
IJCAI 2021

Kernel Self-Attention for Weakly-supervised Image Classification using Deep Multiple Instance Learning (paper)

Dawid Rymarczyk, Adriana Borowa, Jacek Tabor, Bartosz Zieliński
WACV 2021

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