Ph.D. and Final-Year Postgrad Opportunities in Interpretable Neural Networks

We are seeking Ph.D. students and final-year postgrad students in computer science or mathematics who are passionate about advancing the field of Interpretable Neural Networks. If you are passionate about Interpretable Deep Learning and want to make a difference, please visit our website at and don’t hesitate to email us at!


We offer scholarships for students and doctoral candidates in Poland. The scholarship amounts to up to PLN 5000 (approximately EUR 1250), raising the total doctoral student remuneration to PLN 8460 (approximately EUR 2000). This attractive offer is particularly appealing given the affordable living costs in Poland.

Work specification

A successful candidate will work in the field of Interpretable Neural Networks on a project funded by the National Science Center under the OPUS grant, titled Interpretable and Sustainable Artificial Intelligence with Intuitive Explanations. The research will be conducted within the Group of Machine Learning Research at the Jagiellonian University. Your role will involve theoretical investigations, model implementation, and experiments focusing on interpretable models for neural networks. Key topics include case-based reasoning, prototypical parts, intuitive explanations, and deep network architectures.


An ideal candidate is a final-year or a Ph.D. student (must be based in Poland) in Mathematics or Computer Science with experience in machine/deep learning and computer programming. We expect:

Process for new doctoral candidates

The recruitment process for new doctoral candidates consists of two stages:

Please attach the following documents to your e-mail:

Contact Us

Group of Machine Learning Research
Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science
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30-342, Cracow, Poland